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Blawgger in da houz

Joy London is getting mucho props (from feedmelegal and Nancy Stinson, author of Stark Law Library blog and Kevin Heller, author of Tech Law Advisor) for her recent article "Blogger in the house: The rise of 'blawging' as a knowledge-sharing tool," published in Managing Partner magazine.

The anonymous blogger of feedmelegal particularly liked this segment by London:

"A well-designed blawg can serve as a critical document-management tool for organizing and archiving legal information. The very act of trading relevant links and useful ideas electronically, via blog posts and reader response, captures crucial matter-related content automatically, rendering it searchable and browsable ... the firm acquires a valuable, annotated repository, user-friendly and equally accessible to individual lawyers, internal practice groups ... and organizational departments. ... Not incidentally, both productivity and information exchange increase through better time management and resource allocation."

More here.

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