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D.C. statehood: Fair to be on par with California?

Blogfather Eugene Volokh thinks not and says so, via two opinions that are generating some interesting posts (see "trackbacks", links from other bloggers who are writing about the issue). Volokh writes,

"People periodically complain -- with some justification, I think -- that it's unfair that D.C. isn't represented in Congress. Its residents deserve representation, so D.C. should become a state. But as a California resident, I'm struck by the unfairness of the remedy the pro-statehood forces propose. D.C. has about 1/60 the population of California -- and about 1/10 the population of the average state -- but statehood proponents want it to have the same number of Senators as we Californians do ...

"... the fairest remedy, I argue, is not to give D.C. residents two Senators, but rather to give them a say in the election of a neighboring state's (e.g. Maryland's) two Senators."

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