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IP in Europe: KPMG says victim of "careless guardianship"

Bill Heinze links to a dire KPMG survey of intellectual property practices at 300 leading European companies in his post, "Investor Expectations go Unmet by I/P Managers."

Heinze quotes KPMG as reporting that "there is a dangerous separation between ostensible management authority and financial accountability for intellectual property assets. It is difficult to think of another class of corporate asset which is so highly regarded as a source of value, but which is the victim of such careless guardianship. ... There is clearly something of an expectation gap between what investors are looking for and what companies are doing."

How bad is it? Heinze pulls this statistic: "71 percent of all respondents have no performance indicators for IP." Does anyone know of any such survey of oh, say, Silicon Valley companies or attorneys thereof?

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