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Lawyers sound off on "The CSI Effect"

How does TV effect criminal trial practice? Orin Kerr points to a U.S. News & World Report story that's making the rounds of the blawgosphere. Norm Pattis, who knows a little something about criminal defense, writes,

"The CSI Effect? I call it the prosecution's new best friend," he concludes after writing earlier, "Why not a new crime show? One oriented to the defense? Follow the same formula as the old ones. Begin with a horrific scene: a man sits on death row awaiting a needle to the vein. Enter the hero, his lawyer, who, armed with an expert, uses scientific evidence to prove the man's innocence. It doesn't resonate quite the same way, does it? We love victims in this the land of a Oprah and Company. But not victims of miscarriages of justice."

More here.

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