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Look! Law firm takes advantage of 21st century biz methods ...

Bruce MacEwen, never one to shirk from his job of delivering tough-love about "managerial malpractice," reports some good news. Specifically, he writes, Reed Smith University is all it's cracked up to be:

"While signs of such a trend remain firmly invisible, I thought it timely to revisit RSU since it is such a shockingly obvious and powerful venture; that more firms are not emulating it is too dispiriting to discuss.

"First up is simply an updated and enhanced description of what RSU is all about, here.  Going behind the curtains a little further is Denise Howell, an esteemed member of the "Savvy Blawgers" panel here at Adam Smith, Esq., and perhaps not coincidentally herself counsel at Reed-Smith. ... Developments like this are inspiring enough to more than compensate for the litany of managerial malpractice that we occasionally delve into hereabouts.   Attention must be paid."

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