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Part two: How to tame the blogging buzz

Some bloggers are reacting to the latest news coverage of blogging (BusinessWeek's story and a New York Times report on a celebrity blogging site) like locals who are worried their favorite watering hole is going to be invaded by the bridge-and-tunnel crowd.

I've been trying to understand the concerns and fortunately Carolyn Elefant has come to the rescue. Read her post, "Go Ask A Blogger -- It Works!" in which Elefant gets to the real value of blogging with a community of other intellectual professionals, and offers up a hope that the medium is preserved despite exponential growth:

"I really hope that the free discussion of information continues in the blog world.  And I hope that years from now, we don't look back at the nascent days of blogging and reminisce about how so many law bloggers used to answer questions, willingly and freely and wonder why they don't do it anymore."

Related post:  Read "How to tame the blogging buzz," my Monday post suggesting you read a few legal bloggers who can filter the media coverage for you.

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