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So much for cloaking: Hoosier Daddy blog

Monica Bay recommends a blog that makes me think cloaking may have jumped the shark, at least for private practitioners. She writes, "Stephen Terrell has followed up on this threat to launch the Hoosier Daddy blog (as  well as the more sedate Hoosier Lawyer blog). The former promises to pontificate on all things Indiana (although I don't yet see a tribute page or link to David Letterman)."

Wienermobile The Common Scold's got her editrix on and she's absolutely correct: Terrell can write. Take his tag line as proof: "why South Bend is north, North Vernon is south, and French Lick isn't what you think it is." Enjoy.

Update 4.29.05 - I see that Bob Ambrogi also recommends this blog.

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