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Volokh: On teaching the law of rape

Professor Eugene Volokh has asked his readers for assistance in teaching the law of rape, a subject he says many professors don't even want to teach in their criminal law classes. Don't miss his rationale for asking -- or the dozens of educational comments he's elicited. Volokh writes:

"In my criminal law class, I plan to spend some time discussing the law of rape. This is a hard subject to teach, not just because people have strong feelings about it but because (1) it's fairly likely that at least one women in the class has been a victim of rape or attempted rape, (2) many women in the class are deeply and personally concerned about the risk of being raped, in a way that people aren't with regard to homicide (which is rarer) or burglary (which is less serious), and (3) many men and some women, knowing this, are reluctant to speak candidly about some of the thorny issues in this area, which deprives everyone in the class -- men and women alike -- of a thoughtful, substantive discussion. As a result, some professors just don't teach the subject at all. I don't want to take that approach; I think it's my job to lead students to think about important issues even when they may be personally difficult for them."

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