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The mother of all million-dollar verdicts

Mike Fox delivers the latest installment in this week's roundup of MDVs (million dollar verdicts) with "Things Are Bigger On Wall Street, Including the MDVs."  He delivers a comprehensive list of links about a jury's decision to award Laura Zubulake, a former Asian bond saleswoman, much more than her attorneys asked for in her sexual discrimination lawsuit against European bank UBS. Of the $29 million verdict in her favor, $20.1 million is for punitive damages.

Why? The whole story unfolds in Fox's link-fest like a chapter from a book by Susan Antilla (see my recent post, "Ripples of the boom-boom room? Women v. Citigroup/Smith Barney"). Take Fox's excerpt from Newsday, for example:

"Or maybe, from an earlier Newsday story, it was her testimony that she was excluded from some client gatherings, including more than one baseball game and two golf outings. Or that a male superior invited her to a Boston bottomless strip club, or that another male colleague expensed a trip with a client to Scores, a Manhattan strip club. Perhaps that didn't sit well with the 6 woman, 2 man jury ..."

Thoughts? Comments are open below.

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