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Tyranny of the BlackBerry: Lawyers discuss a sanity check

Bruce MacEwen just made my day -- and perhaps yours too -- by sharing a recent dialogue he had about the tyranny of the BlackBerry. I'm embracing his post as proof postive that I'm not the only one who feels her life is now ruled by technology. MacEwen writes,

"At the Fordham Law School conference where I spoke 10 days ago (on challenges to "professionalism" posed by large firm practice), an off-agenda, spontaneous and heartfelt dialogue broke out about the nefarious impact of BlackBerrys -- albeit on the premise that there's no going back.  A Cravath partner said rather wistfully that when he began practicing and a client posed a question, "one had time to reflect, to turn it over and around in one's mind, to probe it."  Can you say, "that's so yesterday!"?

"This saddens me.  And maybe it doesn't have to be this way.  We are, after all, collaborators in submitting to the tyranny of the clock.  Although it's too soon to know for sure, initial reports are that the train derailment in Japan that killed over 90 people yesterday was caused by the motorman speeding because he was 90 seconds behind schedule.  An extreme case of "clock tyranny," to be sure, but isn't our reaction to that story to hold the simultaneous and incompatible views both that the motorman was crazily irresponsible, and that we can understand his wanting to be on schedule?

"There's no simple solution to this, of course, but we can begin, as did Business Week, by pointing out how irrational it all is ..."

More here.

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