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Mass. Bar Association: Selfish or service?

Just in time for Law Day, blogger Bob Ambrogi and occasional Crime & Federalism guest-blogger David Giacalone are in fundamental disagreement about the values embraced by the Massachusetts Bar Association. Here are two brief excerpts of the extensive opinions offered by each attorney. I recommend you read them yourself:

Ambrogi: "I rarely use this blog as a soapbox, but, as a long-time member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, I cannot let David Giacalone's post about it (bar & guild) go unanswered ... I often agree with David and, when I don't, I nonetheless respect his opinion. But his portrayal of the MBA as a self-serving "guild" with little concern for the interests of clients and the public is just wrong ..."

Giacalone: I've come to the conclusion that members of the Massachusetts Bar, when acting in groups and given the opportunity, far too often put the interests of lawyers above those of clients and the public. And, they do it with arguments so petulant or specious that even their legitimate concerns seem suspect. [If I had to name the archetypal Bay State law firm, it would be "Wein, Karp & Mone, Unlimited".] ...

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