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Your firm: McMarketing vs. real biz dev

"It's pretty clear that law marketing has invaded large firm practice -- and guess what?  They're all doing the same thing," writes Carolyn Elefant. In her post, "McMarketing vs. The Real Deal," Elefant compares the approach of solo firms to BigLaw -- and comes out happy.  She writes,

"I know we all read so much about Rules of Marketing.  And it's true, we solos need to market and we need to be disciplined.  But structured BigLaw McMarketing isn't the solution, not just because of the presumably exorbitant cost (I've heard that marketing heads at large firms are paid as much as $250,0000) -- but also because it doesn't always work ..."

More here.

Posted by Product Team on April 29, 2005 at 03:27 PM | Permalink | TrackBack (0)


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