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Are you an equity partner or a jumbo shrimp?

The Wired GC wants to know. In "The Partner Paradox," (S)he writes,

"I think part of the problem is that many modern large firms use the term 'partner' rather generically. Some dole out nonequity partnerships like potato chips at a cocktail party. They seem to want to have it both ways: let the external client world assume a nonequity partner is a true owner of the firm, while internally treating her like an associate on steroids. Most don't disclose the distinction on the attorney bio entries of the firm Web site, for example.

"If my firm did work for DuPont, I would hope client wouldn't need to pop this question, since I'd want them to know all relevant information about the firm attorneys and staff on the engagement. For $400/hr, that's the least they should expect ..."

More here.

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