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"Have blogs improved"

One of the questions Mike Cernovich raises today is whether or not blogs have improved  He writes,

"A year or so ago, I rarely checked's page, since I wasn't impressed with its coverage.  No offense, folks, but often read like People magazine for lawyers.  Lately, I've noticed good changes. 

"Over the past few months, has been especially useful and informative.  There have been stories dicussing actual legal doctrine, and less stories dealing with how cool AmLaw 100 law firms are.  Which makes me wonder.

"Has improved because its editors and writers have been reading blogs?  I'm not privy to any information, but I note that there have been several articles that seemed like they were adapted from blog posts.  If writers have been inspired by blogs, then this shows the powerful alliance blogs and media outlets should make ..."

What do you think? He's open to comments here.

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