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How about a firm wiki for key clients?

Bruce MacEwen writes about a CIO Insight article that he swears is not "yet another bloviating article about blogs." Instead, he writes, the piece "looks at blogs -- and the collaboratively maintained databases known as "wikis" -- as tools to enable coordination and project management among professionals.  Blogs and wikis share several attractive characteristics:

  • they're dirt cheap, even free;
  • magically intuitive to nontech people (perhaps the strongest extant analogy was the ease of adoption of e-mail) ;
  • changes and updates are instantly available to anyone with online access (and, if appropriate, a username and password);
  • since both have built-in RSS/subscription functionality, users can receive updates automatically without having to remember to go back and check (possibly to come away empty-handed); and
  • with their search and categorization tools, they can grow up into powerful knowledge bases over time."

More here.

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