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The Wired GC. (S)he's Midwestern and it shows. Funny, smart writing. Use of the Internet to parachute into both coasts and pull back the veil on corner-office wrangling. Inside The Corporation and The Firm. For example, take today's entry, in which a seemingly innocuous title,  "Checking Out a Book of Business," becomes the punchline:

Law firms Coudert and Orrick are having a bit of a public dust-up over the latter’s hiring 11 of the former’s partners. The NY Times $ has the details. Orrick even has a news release.

Partners leaving one firm for another is scarcely news. But the NY Times article caught my eye when it mentioned a letter sent from Coudert to Orrick:

The letter raises the possibility of misconduct by the departing lawyers and by Orrick without explicitly accusing either of anything. The letter promises a review of e-mail messages sent by the departing Coudert partners and warns them not to try to woo clients away to Orrick.

I know there are ethical and perhaps legal constraints on soliciting clients from a former firm (no “wooing” even?). But the letter illuminates one point often missing in these “law firm scorned” situations: it is ultimately the client’s decision as to who the lawyer is.

It would be interesting to check back in a year, and see how many of Coudert’s former clients are now at Orrick. Or vice versa.

All the talk about a lawyer’s “book of business” sometimes obscures a simple fact: contained in each book are clients writing checks."

Welcome whomever you are (okay, we know, but we're not telling). Which isn't the case with Juan(a?) Non-Volokh. But that's up to the Blogfather.

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