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List of American enterprises outsourcing some legal services grows ...

In the month since Joy London and Ron Friedmann began to list American enterprises that are using offshore legal services, the list has nearly doubled.

Friedmann puts the trend into context, writing, "Some may think that with all the new entrants and "buzz," legal outsourcing has the feel of the dot-com boom and eventual bust. My view is that outsourcing and offshoring will take hold but like many other past and present trends in the legal market -- adopting PCs, creating brochures, using e-mail, analyzing practice group profitability, and hiring marketing directors -- it will take time to grow and mature." At the same time, Rees Morrison, over at Law Department Management, raises an eyebrow at one estimate of the size of this market.

Click here to read the list that focuses on:

  • Document drafting by lawyers
  • Legal research
  • IP legal work, substantive or administrative
  • Review of discovery documents
  • Paralegal services
  • Administrative and secretarial support services, excluding digital dictation
  • Friedmann emphasizes that "the list does not include offshore litigation support coding or vendor-provided technology services. Nor does it include offshore vendors without a specific legal focus."

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