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Blawggers on Newsweek's Quran coverage

While this story doesn't directly apply to the practice of law, plenty of blog affiliates are talking about Newsweek magazine's decision to publish, to correct and ultimately to retract a story that American interrogators were desecrating copies of the Quran (read Newsweek's statement here).

Here's what blawggers said, posted in order of the most recent publication date:

  • J. Craig Williams writes Newsweek: Anonymously Reporting The News?
    "Let's take a look at it from a legal perspective. I wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell in winning a case if I relied on an anonymous source for testimony. Can any lawyer rely on anonymous sources? Sure ..."

  • Michael Cernovich
    • Truth, Death and Ethics: "If you were the anonymous source, would you recant truthful allegations because the truth was causing people to die?"
    • Deady Lies: "In yet another attempt to smear President Bush, Newsweek did what most here have seen overzealous (if misguided) police and prosecutors do -- rush to judgment ..."
  • Norm Pattis writes Toiletgate: "Definition of the term lie: A Bush administration flak moving his or her lips on the war on terror. Newsweek magazine this week published a semi-apology about a Koran's being flushed down a toilet at Guantanamo ..."

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