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Stink over co-worker's perfume nets employee $10M

Mike Fox reports the story of Erin Weber, formerly a DJ at Detroit country station WYCD-FM, who complained that a co-employee's perfume habit was a premeditated attack by another female DJ, Linda Lee. Of the all-female jury's $10.6 million verdict in favor of Weber, Fox writes,

"While the "perfume allergy" makes for good copy, including my favorite headline from a South African Web site, DJ wins $10m in smelly saga, one wonders if it will even stand up as a disability claim. My guess is it was the other aspects of the employer's conduct that set the jury off into an MDV frenzy; it may have been the unequal pay or the retaliation claim that Weber made after she filed a complaint with the EEOC. Even then the jury twice sent notes to the judge saying they were having difficulty reaching a decision. Given the numbers, my guess the fights were over damages not liability, and if I am right there was someone on the jury who was pressing for an amazingly high number. (Not that $10 million isn't!) ..."

More here.

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