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Wonder if your expensive Web listing pays? Here's how to find out.

In "Why Sponsorship on Is Not Worth $900/Month," Carolyn Elefant offers unflinching advice to her fellow soloists:

"Apparently, LexisNexis-Martindale haven't heard of the Internet.  Because if they had, they wouldn't be hoping to trade in on their name-recognition to lawyers and charge $900 a month for a national sponsorship service available on their data base as reported here in Courts Legal Marketers, ClickZ News (5/17/05)...

Putting herself in a potential client's position, Elefant shows you how the search system works for a typical user -- and comes up with further proof that solos need to think through their marketing strategies. She writes,

"The other problem with paying for a service like is that it won't buy lawyers what they really crave from Internet listings -- wide Web exposure.  If you're listed in, try Googling your name on the Internet.  It's likely that your listing won't even show up.  Even if you Google your specialty -- say, Maryland civil rights law -- and appears at the top of the list, users aren't going to want to deal with a scroll through menu.  Rather, they'll just go to the lawyer with the Web log on Maryland civil rights law who comes up at the top of the listing -- or the lawyer who bought the Google ad words "Maryland civil rights" whose links appear in a feature box ..."

More here.

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