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Why your litigators don't talk to your deal lawyers -- and how that could hurt you

Ona_1Enough about what's in your e-mail-- Bruce MacEwen has been researching what your email to/from list indicates about the way your company does business.  (He was spurred on by a story in The New York Times, as he describes in this post, "Enron's 1.5 million emails: A window into knowledge management?")

Is your firm or corporation customer-oriented or company-oriented? To put it another way, are you ball hogs or team players? In this post, MacEwen is using a graphic that depicts both, courtesy of Rob Cross, a professor at University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce, who:

"analyzed a large consulting firm reorganized into four regions across the US from its earlier city-by-city structure, with the goal of being able to provide a broader and more diverse array of services to each client. Eighteen months later, the question senior executives wanted answered was, how is the integration going? Using organizational network analysis (ONA), they produced the following graphic representing the relationships across two of the new regions.

"Any questions about which region had become more cohesive and which remained silo'ed in its earlier city by city footprint? So what's in ONA for you? Does integrating practice groups sound like a challenge you've ever faced? And did you try to address it through exhortation and evangelism? We can do better:  The tools are there for you to use, and they work."

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