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Developed vs. undeveloped countries at WIPO patent harmonization standoff

The United States is reportedly moving beyond the World Intellectual Property Organization, after WIPO's standing patent committee again failed last week to reach consensus on a treaty. Bill Heinze blogs this quote:

"The U.S. is disappointed that there was no agreement to move forward with substantive patent law harmonization on prior art issues in WIPO," said Brigid Quinn, deputy director at the office of public affairs of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. "We think that such an approach would benefit all countries by allowing them to rely more on examination work performed in other countries under common examination standards," she added. "The U.S. intends to pursue harmonization of prior art issues within the group of developed countries, and will evaluate in the future whether an agreement may be possible in WIPO at some point."

More here.

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