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Do you mark up what you sub-contract and outsource?

Carolyn Elefant, writing today about her struggle with her own policy, welcomes your thoughts. She writes,

"In this context, allowing a law firm to profit off contract lawyers or outsourced services is not just ethical, but further, conduct we would want to encourage.  If a firm can hire a contract attorney with a decade of experience for $100 an hour and bill her out at $200, then the client gets a far, far better product at a lower cost than if the law firm had used a junior associate.  Here, the financial reward to the firm should motivate it to enter into more of these types of arrangements that benefit all parties involved. 

"But while the ethics of profiting off contract services is clear, I still can't bring myself to wholeheartedly endorse mark-ups on contract service as a matter of policy ..."

Find out why and offer your comment here.

Speaking of outsourcing, Bruce MacEwen recommends this cartoon.

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