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Grokster: Second thoughts by David Post

David Post, revisiting yesterday's immediate response to Grokster, writes today that:

"The unanimous Supreme Court decision holding Grokster & StreamCast liable as contributory copyright infringers for distributing peer-to-peer file-sharing software turns out, on close examination, to be not nearly the victory for the entertainment industry it might have seemed at first glance. [This, interestingly, repeats a pattern in these cases -- Sony v. Universal Studios (the Betamax case) was not (nearly) as big a loss for Hollywood as it appeared, nor, as I have argued elsewhere, was the Napster case as big a win) ..." More

Read on to learn what work-around you may have if your business embraces peer-to-peer file-sharing. (Hint: Read down to "Shut up about infringing uses" and then read Post's thoughts on what happens if you do shut up.)


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