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Supremes on globe: Flat as they want it to be

Todd Zywicki, whose no-baloney blogging and congressional testimony about bankruptcy law impressed me even when I disagreed with him, has written a terrific post about the Supremes' treatment of international law.

In one blistering paragraph, Zywicki writes, "Leaving aside all of the intellectual arguments for whether the Court should or should not rely on international law for constitutional guidance, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the Court's periodic reliance on world legal opinion is purely strategic rather than sincere, perhaps to dress up the Court's personal predilections in the guise of legal authority." More.

Amen. You should really read the whole, articulate thing -- and the 20 comments he has elicited. My 2 cents: Zywicki's right -- the Court is treating the globe as flat when it suits them, and round when it doesn't.

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