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A lifetime employment program for Mike Fox

What's his secret? Human behavior. Mike Fox writes:

"Why I (Unfortunately) Will Have Work For the Duration ... of my working life, probably regardless of how long that is. From Sunday's NYT: "There's No Shortage of Intolerance in the Workplace." On a brighter note, there are the Millennials -- the generation born after 1977 (or 1980 according to some) described in a report by Patti Carey for the National Conference of Legislatures, Understanding Four Generations at Work:

'Millennials are leading the way to becoming color-blind. They value diversity, and they get along with members of different racial and ethnic groups. As a group, they are more open to interracial dating than to dating across economic classes. Unlike other generations, they do not have any gender restrictions. After all, many of them have played on coed Little League teams. Their corporate board compositions will certainly have a different flavor than those of yesterday and today.'

"Someday," concludes Fox. No wonder today he recommended the EEOC Update on Guidance in Light of National Railroad Passenger Corp. v. Morgan.

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