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All Sandra all the time: Yeah, nice fireworks -- now about the Supremes?

Whatever a blogger's political stripe -- and thank heavens Blogworld is one of the few places that celebrates the entire rainbow of American political beliefs -- the hot topic for the country's birthday weekend was our nation's highest court. As the kids scrambled for candy at our Main Street parade, it was all I could think about.

Today's SCOTUS watch on the blog network netted some terrific posts about confirmation battles to come, the once-and-future filibuster agreement between red and blue senators, and more than a few questions for nominees. As the VC's Todd Zywicki posted last Friday, the nation's on a collision course with a "nasty and expensive" confirmation fight, a message that he and others continued through the weekend:

  1. Confirmation Fight, Part III
  2. Michael Barone on the Confirmation Fight
  3. Edith Jones on the Confirmation Process
  4. Confirmation Fight, Part II
  5. Confirmation Fight

As a result, the so-called filibuster agreement seems DOA, as Zywicki also points out:

"Seriously, does anyone actually believe any of the 14 Senators are going to feel bound in any way by the deal? It has been obvious from the beginning that "extraordinary circumstances" is an empty term, and there is little doubt that any of the filibuster compromisers could easily cook up some reason to find "extraordinary circumstances."

Here are the related links thus far (please feel free to add your URLs in the comments and trackbacks below):

  1. Peter Rubin on Filibuster Deal
  2. Filibuster Deal
  3. More on Filibuster Deal Fall-Out

Every where I turn, I see pitched battle-language, both described and enunciated. Which is one of the reasons I so appreciate Orin Kerr's post, "Consultation and the Clinton/Hatch example." Then again, Norm Patti's "Questions for the Nominee" fills me with glee (with the exception of No. 8), so perhaps I'm part of the problem.

... Read on, to Bob Ambrogi and Carolyn Elefant below, for more inspiration.

Update as of 7.6.05: Tortured as I am by O'Connor's resignation, Bruce MacEwen still cracks me up.

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