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California AG Opinion No. 05-613: Treat bloggers like journos?

J. Craig Williams writes that one of California Attorney General Bill Lockyer's deputies has solicited an opinion from Williams on the subject of Opinon 05-613. Why do you care? If you're a blogger or enjoy reading blogs, read this.

Williams writes, "I suspect other bloggers may have received the same letter, but it's the first time I've been asked in my 18 years of practice to provide a comment to the AG before the AG issues an opinion. So, I'll put it out there for your comment and opinion, too. With a little help from my friends, we can probably give the AG some worthwhile guidance, and protect the blogger journalists among us. The AG wants a response by September 30, so comment away, please. "

You might also consider adding your voice here: To a February 2006 colloquium on the legal realities behind the blogging revolution, hosted by the Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law, as posted by Randy Barnett.

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