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Former Orrick assoc sues for being promised then denied partnership

Was Patrick J. Hoeffner, a former associate at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe,  slapped with the same carrot that three firm partners used to keep him from jumping ship?

He alleges so.  Mike Cernovich recommends an article by Tony Lin, in which Hoeffner "claims partners William Anthony, Robert Isackson and Robert Cote promised in 2002 to make him a partner because they feared he would leave the firm and take a client, Conductus Inc., with him."

Orrick's position is that, regrettably, Hoeffner didn't make the partner grade, as so many don't. Sour grapes.

Yet Lin, who has seen the e-mail exchanges upon which Hoeffner bases his case,  carefully and thoroughly introduces a number of interesting points with the appropriate caveats. A good piece. As a result, Cernovich raises an eyebrow and offers a little advice:

"Of course, Orrick's partner's are denying that anyone made an agreement.  Maybe they're right, though it's hard to understand why the associate wouldn't have accepted the other offers.  Plus, the associate is now working at Fulbright & Jaworski, which is no place for underachievers.  Orrick is going to have a hard time proving that someone with a portable book of business, other job opportunities, and high employability imagined the agreement. Anyhow, the full article is worth reading.  Obviously, anyone considering working for, or currently working at, Orrick should watch her back.  And everyone should remember this maxim: An oral promise is worth the paper it's written on."

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