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How not to market your legal help to women

In honor of his participation in BlogHer, the inaugural women's blogging conference being held this Saturday, July 30, in Santa Clara, Calif., Matt Homann has resurrected his series, "What are the five worst mistakes a lawyer can make when marketing to a female potential client?" (*)

Let's just say that his interviewees -- Jennifer Rice, Yvonne DiVita, Anita Campbell, Michele Miller and Kirsten Osolind -- know their stuff. For example, check out DiVita's first recommendation of what not to do:

"1. Assuming a condescending attitude. We know you went to law school, we accept that you know more about the law than we do --- that's why we're there -- but don't pat us on the hand with, 'Don't worry, I'll take care of everything,' blather or write your sales copy as if you're God."

More here.

(* Full disclosure: I'm a co-founder of BlogHer Con '05 and is premiere sponsor. )

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