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One solo woman's salute to another: Elefant on O'Connor

I recommend you read Carolyn Elefant's superb ode to Sandra Day O'Connor, a great glimpse at what one woman entrepreneur juggling -- beautifully -- children and career can do to inspire the rest of us. Elefant begins:

"Sandra Day O'Connor leaves two legacies as she departs the United State Supreme Court.  the legacy that will garner the most attention in today's Web logs and tomorrow's history books, of course, is that of her quarter of a century as the nation's first female Supreme Court justice.  But Sandra Day O'Connor leaves another equally important and even more inspiring legacy that will likely be overlooked.  That is O'Connor's legacy as an attorney who according to today's conventional wisdom, made all the wrong career moves and yet amazingly, wound up at the top of her field ..." More.


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