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Mystery of the missing 4th SOC clerk explained: O'Connor resigns

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's announcement that she will retire once her successor is named confirms rumors that Volokh Conspirators have been blogging for the past week. On July 23, Orin Kerr asked, "Will O'Connor Retire at the End of the Term?" and wrote, "We'll know soon enough, of course, but it's worth pointing out that this would explain Justice O'Connor's apparent failure to hire a fourth law clerk for the new Term."

This morning, Kerr confirmed the rumors -- "It's official" -- and raised a baker's dozen of key questions and thoughts, including these two:

"2. The mystery of the missing 4th SOC clerk is now explained; it was O'Connor herself who was retiring.

  "3. The big question now is whether the Chief will announce soon as well. I'm not sure whether SOC's retirement makes the Chief's more or less likely -- any thoughts? ...

  "13. According to Dana Bash, reporting at CNN, the White House found out about the possible retirement yesterday afternoon, when the Supreme Court Marshal's Office informed the White House Counsel that one of the Justices would be sending a letter to the White House today. The White House didn't know O'Connor was the Justice making the announcement until this morning."

Now the Volokh Conspirators are racking up the comments and trackbacks. In other affiliates, Bob Ambrogi and Michael Cernovich have blogged Justice O'Connor's announcement that she will retire as soon as her successor is named.

Cernovich has a recommendation for Bush: "Here's hoping Janice Brown, who was a justice of the California Supreme Court but is now a judge of the D.C. Circuit, becomes Justice Brown again.

More soon ...

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