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"TGIF for the Just a Patent Examiner Blog"

I have to give kudos to Bill Heinze's kudos to "the excellent insights from the Just a Patent Examiner Blog," which appears to be a perfect cocktail of snark and insight from an anonymous patent examiner. Here's a taster of the three posts that Heinze recommends:

On July 11, 2005 regarding "Motivation to Combine:"

"...If you want the average examiner's eyes to glaze over (or me to disregard your arguments), put 4 pages of arguments citing 10 different pieces of case law regarding the motivation to combine. I simply don't have the time to research all of the case law you've cited to figure out which applies and which does not. I don't mind seeing responses like that, because suddenly I find that what I thought was a 6 page response consists of only two pages that actually need to be responded to."

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