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A ham-and-eggs lawyer tries white-collar defense: 'ugh'

Here's my gift to the community for the day: I suggest you read Norm Pattis, who shares a beautifully crafted vignette from his summer. He begins:

"I am a ham and egg lawyer. I have never worked in a big firm. I never clerked for anyone. Law review looked like a stupid waste of time, the professional equivalent of a circle jerk. I don't have institutional clients. The people I represent are usually in a jam of one sort or another with the Government. The so-called 'big cases' don't come my way.

"So I thought I would try hand at some white collar defense.

"Ugh ..."

Posted by Product Team on August 25, 2005 at 03:58 PM | Permalink | TrackBack (0)


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