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A psychological profile of your boss here

What do you call a litigation support partner who freaks because the three-inch binders his grunts have been building all day have two different colors of white paper? (True story: I was one of the grunts who listened to this man's rant about the need for consistency in coloration between paper reams. Not that I noticed the difference in color. I was busy billing 80 hours a week to count the pages in each binder to make certain each had its appropriate 317 pages. For this I went to college? Buh-bye ...)

According to a new survey on legal leadership styles written up by The Wired GC, you'd call this guy a "pacesetter." WGC has his usual dry take on the issue: "Not surprisingly, the associates preferred leadership that emphasized coaching to edicts from a driven 'pacesetter,'" he writes.  "I think I worked for a pacesetter once, but that’s not what I called him at the time ..."

In addition to pacesetting, the other five categories tested for effectiveness were "directive, visionary, affiliative, participative and coaching."  Read the textbook definition and more on the survey here.

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