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Creative networking opportunities (for both sexes)

Following up on the meme of the Glass Ceiling, The Common Scold points to a piece in Sunday's NYT, in Lisa Belkin's "Life's Work" column that asks: "What are your networking alternatives if you don't play golf?" As Common Scold notes:

Belkin talks about various "affinity" groups that can serve the same purpose. She cites Diane Danielson, who founded a young women's networking organization,, and suggests alternatives to ball fields, such as taking folks to the theater. "I generally try to get three tickets and invite two clients who might enjoy meeting each other," she says. And that also mitigates an often-sticky situation if you are entertaining male clients, who might mistake the invite for a date, she says.  She also talks about how Winston &  Strawn offers events planned just for women clients and partners -- such as a private viewing of the Chanel exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As I said yesterday, it's about women having options and making choices. Kudos to Belkin for pointing out some. Though I must say, this is just as valid for men who don't golf. Networking is incredibly essential for everyone in many businesses, including law. If your opportunities seem limited because you're not interested in the options available, it's up to you to create your own. 

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