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Liability and blog comments

Seobook is a blog about search engines. Traffic Power, in the search engine advertising business, just sued Seobook and a gaggle of Does and Roes, for defamation and trade secret violations. Seobook posted the complaint in Nevada's Clark County district court. Here, you can see an earlier cease-and-desist letter.

One issue in the case is whether a blog editor is responsible for what is said in his or her contents, and a debate is raging on Seobook and elsewhere as to whether moderating comments increases or decreases any potential liability. Aaron Wall, the blog editor, writes that he’s likely to just take the offensive content down once he gets Traffic Power to articulate exactly what’s bugging them. While I haven’t read the offending comments, I hope he doesn’t cave that easily. This is a topic I’m very interested in ... what do you think?

Posted by LaurenGelman on August 29, 2005 at 03:02 PM | Permalink | TrackBack (2)


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