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The Glass Ceiling

Thanks to Carolyn Elefant for pointing to this article about a Sacramento lawyer’s initiative to address work-balance issues that create huge gender differences at the top of most law firms.  The initiative is based on San Francisco’s No Glass Ceiling project, “which aims to prod local law firms to make work environments more family-friendly and promote more women up the ranks.” According to the article, “In 2002, a group of [San Francisco] lawyers began signing up 76 law firms and legal departments to agree to a pledge: By 2005, make sure at least 25 percent of partners are women. In 2002, 22 percent of firms met that goal. As of July, 63 percent had, according to the task force's most recent survey.”

Elefant fears she sounds too much like the young John Roberts when she says, “I'm all in favor of attorneys -- male or female -- who choose to forego their careers short term to stay home with children so long as they're aware of middle-of-the-road options for balancing law and family.”

No worries, Carolyn. You’ve got it right when you say it’s about women having options and making choices that work for them.  We’ll see how Roberts spins his words at his hearings next week.

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