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Why I'm glad this dude never showed up for work

Once upon a time, Mike Fox reports, two buddies left for a bar. They drank. And then they drank some more. They drank enough that Dude #1 asked Buddy #2 for a favor.

Clock me in if I'm too hung to be on time, Buddy?

Sure, Dude.

Buddy delivered. And when Dude didn't show at all, Buddy clocked him out, too.

When the fog cleared a couple of days later, Buddy and Dude confessed to their supervisor and were fired. The men tried to sue for discrimination, arguing that two women colleagues got away with it. Turns out, however, that the women showed up for work eventually -- as opposed to getting credit for a day when they played hooky, as Dude did.

But I'm glad Dude played hooky if he was too altered to perform on the job.  Why? Because Dude and Buddy are mechanics for a school district, and I just signed my son's field trip permission slip. 'Nuff said.

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