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Blawg Review #25: Ambivalent Imbroglio's protest edition

Ambivalentmab_1 Blogger ambivalent imbroglio has done a great job with Blawg Review #25, which he dubs "the Protest Edition." Here's a taster:

"Since 'the largest show of antiwar sentiment in the nation's capital since the conflict in Iraq began' was just last Saturday, I've been thinking a bit about 'protest' as both a way of life and a mode of expression. I realized that, whether they're protesting for themselves or on behalf of others, lawyers are almost always protesting something -- that's their job. Isn't every lawsuit a form of protest against something or someone? Today's Review will highlight a wide variety of such protests that appeared in the blawgosphere in the last week ..."

I'm particularly excited about his pointer to, described as "a new blawg by nine prominent black law professors." I clicked over to the Blackprof's archive, where a read of the post "Racism Phobia," by Washington Law prof. Darren Hutchinson, sent me packing to Bloglines to sign up for the feed. Here's an excerpt:

"People have claimed that government is (was?) completely inept to handle tragedies of Katrina's magnitude, thus negating a role of race. This country has been in a lather over terrorism for the last five years, re-electing Bush, in part, on his perceived "toughness" with respect to terrorists -- real or imagined. Yet -- whites, who largely gave Bush both of his election victories -- seem more comfortable saying that their leader is, alas, pathetic on mass tragedies, so pathetic that he appointed a former lawyer for an equestrian society as head of FEMA -- rather than labeling him racist. Of course, all of these factors -- ill preparation, race, and class mattered. But in a racism-phobic society, the existence of race must be vigorously denied.

"We are still unpacking what happened in the Gulf area. There are a lot of overlapping race, class, and governmental responsibility issues that require attention. Whites have a tendency to engage in willful (color)blindness with respect to race. The current domestic situation allows for an opportunity to document this negative pattern and perhaps make inroads at reversing it. " (Note: I've excerpted a larger chunk than I normally would in order to make sure the context is clear, but you should really read the whole thing here -- LS).

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