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Katrina Legal Aid site launches and Doug Caddell's afterstory

Announcing, which Monica Bay describes as "the result of a partnership among the American Bar Association, Legal Services Corporation, National Legal Aid & Defender Association and Pro Bono Net." She writes:

"The center offers a significant number of legal aid, public defender, pro bono and referral resources to persons affected by the hurricanes who must navigate a maze of legal, government and insurance issues, and to advocates and lawyers committed to helping them. It also offers private attorneys information on how they can assist the many legal aid lawyers and advocates in their efforts to serve communities devastated by this tragedy."

Unfortunately, I see that the ABA site for Hurricane Katrina Disaster Resources doesn't link to this site yet -- which raises my concerns that Legal Aid and pro-bono efforts will be sidelined. I'd rather see all these sites come together. Anyone else worried about that? Anyone trying to coordinate that? I'd love to know.

Meanwhile, Monica has received and posted a follow-up email from attorney Doug Caddell (first heard from in "Houston, We Have a Problem"). He writes of his family's experience with Hurricane Rita:

"We were lucky that Rita turned to the north. Other areas were hit much harder, and of course those that were impacted by Katrina and the hurricanes last year in Florida had much more loss than us. The reason I finished this story was not to imply that we were having a difficult time - those hit directly by Rita and prior storms had "real" problems -- but, because I found the exodus aspect to be unique. And also because many of you have asked how we made out. "

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