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Solo practice FAQ -- Add your answers

Carolyn Elefant has launched a fantastic starter FAQ for solo practitioners and is asking for your help:

"The reader's questions and our answers are interspersed below.  Readers, since I've only started one practice, after all, I'm the first to admit that I'm not an authority on all ways to go solo.  What I've learned from blogging here and meeting other solos is that there are as many routes to success as there are shinglers.  So please write in and send comments that reflect your own unique experience. "

Here are the questions being answered in the FAQ to date:

1. How much capital do you think one needs to get started?

2. Did you have clients lined up before you started?  If so, how far in advance did you start discussing your move with prospective clients?

3. Are there any resources you would suggest that I review/read before making the move?  Anything that you think is a must read?

4. I'm thinking of working from home, at least for the first year.  Do you have any views on whether office space is necessary from the get-go?

5. I realize that rates will vary based on factors such as practice area, jurisdiction, etc., but do you know what the range is for professional liability insurance?  Also, do you have a ballpark on the cost of health insurance?

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