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Wallet wide open, eyes wide shut, Part II

Weighing in on the subject of corporate responsibilities and international markets invoked here yesterday by The Wired GC is Lauren Gelman, associate director of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society. She writes:

"[W]hen we're talking about complying with local law and processes of law in China, we're not talking about principles of due process and fairness that we associate with the U.S. legal system. So the conversation cannot take place as though complying with local law in China is the same as complying with local law in Canada, or France, or Japan.

"I know some perceive my writings on this topic too one-sided. But after spending some time in China this summer and meeting with people there who are hoping that the Internet and blogs and e-mail and search will empower civic discourse, it's extremely frustrating to see U.S. companies run by people I like and respect helping the Chinese government smother that hope."

There's more here.

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