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Right mellowing on Miers? From Althouse to Dobson.

Right-of-center Wisconsin Law prof Ann Althouse reports that her opposition to Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court has begun to thaw. In her post, "Mellowing on Miers," Althouse wonders aloud whether someone from outside the academy of constitutional law could open the judiciary's eyes:

"Why is it not a good thing to have one person on the Court who approaches constitutional decisionmaking the way a lawyer would deal with the next legal problem that comes across the desk? Perhaps the Court is harmed by an excess of interest in the theoretical. A solid, experienced lawyer like Miers, with no real background in constitutional law, might look at the text, the precedents, the briefs, and use the standard lawyer's methods to resolve the problem at hand. What is wrong with having that style of analysis in the mix? We need a safeguard against the excessively theoretical."

This is indeed a change from the good professor's approach last week (see "Miers supporters: Something in writing please?"). While Althouse mellows, others, like conservative fundamentalist James Dobson, are coming under fire for delivering mash notes to Miers. Tom Brune of Newsday published this report over the long weekend:

"Senators yesterday demanded disclosure of the secret that top Bush aide Karl Rove told a conservative activist last week to reassure him about Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, but the White House insisted there is no secret to divulge.

"Many politicians and activists reacted with surprise last week when conservative Focus on the Family founder James Dobson announced his support for Miers and said on his radio show Wednesday that Rove told him things about Miers "I probably shouldn't know ..."

With "Whodat Miers' Secret Agenda," left-of-center Norm Pattis harshes on anyone's mellow with his response:  "As if things aren't weird enough in Washington, Sen. Arlen Spector of the Senate Judiciary Committee is thinking about calling James, a.k.a., "Focus on the Family," Dobson as a witness to testify on the nomination of Harriet, a.k.a., Whodat, Miers. Perhaps the West truly is in decline ..."

It's nothing compared to the very snarky blog entry over on The Huffington Post, where Max Blumenthal wonders whether Dobson is lying.

What do you think?

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