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Blawg Review #29: A two-fer

Why write only Blawg Review #29, when you can also host the two-year anniversary of the Carnival of the Capitalists? That's exactly what elusive "Ed." or Editor of Blawg Review did today. (S)he writes:

"Hosting Carnival of the Capitalists #107 and Blawg Review #29 together on the same weblog this week, we hope to introduce our law blog followers to the always informative and often entertaining CotC, and to introduce business blog readers to a good selection of blawgs, recommended reading for everyone interested in business, economics, law, and money quotes.

"Okay, just show me the money quotes without the blaw blaw blaw ..."

The result is a fantastic roundup of blogs on the law and blogs on the business of law. Here are my favorite outtakes:

In the aptly named essay "Res ipsa loquitur, sed quid in infernos dicet?" Ed. skillfully knits together a vast diaspora of legal blogging from last week, from trademark issues to the Miers nomination, to women at work in the law to what you don't know about what you're telling the government. What's he on about? Check this out:

"Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog has little yellow dots on it, and now he's worried about your color printer:

'Your Color Printer Turns Government Snitch'

"It sounds bizarre, but did you know that your color printer has likely been modified to provide information about your use of it to law enforcement? Yes, I know. I couldn't believe it either ..."

This piece is, if anything, longer and better. Really too diverse for summary, Ed. touches on everything from the end of Greenspan's reign to the beginning of Google's, from GM's losses to spiritual gains -- even this bit of magic, which Harry Potter readers will appreciate:

"The gurus with the free naming and branding service at Wordlab present Sony's new smart phone:

'Sony Muggles Name Smartphone'

"So, we wondered what moniker the naming wizards at Sony would conjure up for their latest smartphone, code-named Hermione. Something really, really smart, even clever, perhaps, magical. While geeks feverishly waited to get their sweaty little hands on the new phone with its magical powers, all we wanted was the name. Give us the name, dammit ..."

Thanks Ed. For those of you who don't submit your stuff for weekly Blawg Review deadlines, get cracking. Here's how.

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