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Doesn't God deserve better than this Supreme Spin?

The God Squad is the last group of people I expected to watch spin the president's second nomination for the Supreme Court. In the past 24 hours, we've had to listen to Pat Robertson and James Dobson advocate for nominee Harriet Miers (and for how they got their information, in the case of Dr. Dobson). Meanwhile, a group affiliated with Rev. Jerry Falwell, continues to just say no to her nomination. And today, President George W. Bush went all evangelical on his chosen one, basically saying that religion was his litmus test, if reports can be believed, and Miers has passed.

I, frankly, think God deserves better than to have his/her name dragged through a Supreme Spin Alley--and the nation's highest court deserves better, too. What a sorry contrast this circus is to Chief Justice John Roberts's nomination and the way both political parties behaved. Whether one agrees with Roberts' appointment or not, his exceptional background and the level of discourse directed at and about him at least represents success for and by our nation-state. We flip-flop-wearing everyday Americans desperately needed a little high-brow judicial theory at that time. After weeks of watching corpses float through New Orleans and body counts balloon in Iraq, it was a relief to observe a number of public employees and elected representatives actually do their jobs--in some cases very well. (Okay, others not.)

As a result, the tenor of national discourse rose to a higher level. Terms like "modesty" and "respect" populated headlines, even those about dissent. Listen, for example, to this podcast by Sen. Barack Obama, D.-Ill., about why he (also a Harvard-trained lawyer) voted against Roberts' nomination. I have no idea whether God has heard this particular audio file, but I can imagine that (s)he applauds the intellectual rigor and thoughtful tone Obama adopts in his decision to vote against the president's choice for chief justice.

Flash forward to this week, where, according to professor Bainbridge, Ken Mehlman's selling this candidate via conference calls from the RNC while Laura Bush does the Today Show? Icky -- enough already.

God willing, this circus will either open or skip town.

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