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Supreme environmental: Kentucky and Roberts courts plus a new blawg

While J. Craig William waits for Chief Justice Roberts' Supreme Court to take up government regulation of wetlands, Insurance Scrawl blogger Marc Mayerson writes an extensive guide to recent Kentucky rulings on a few long-standing issues in environmental coverage:

"Many of us who have been practicing for quite some while in the insurance-coverage area at times marvel at the return or continuation of the coverage "wars" of the 1980s. We still confront the same issues in cases that were the focus twenty years ago, though sometimes courts confront new twists in otherwise well-trodden paths.

"The Kentucky Supreme Court recently had the opportunity to address a number of the key environmental coverage issues in an insurance dispute commenced in 1987 ..."

There's more environmental news over at the Environmental Law Prof Blog, which Susan L. Smith launched earlier this week (hat-tip: InterAlia).

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