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If your firm has a future, it requires a taxonomy

Utter the term, "taxonomy" and watch everyone but the geekiest philologist run from the room. Not to worry -- Joy London understands. She can also explain why it's positively essential for you and your firm to classify your work, even though it means endless bickering in the early phases and oodles of detail work:

"I hear you grumbling already. "Taxonomy, schmaxonomy -- it's not worth the effort." Lest we forget, reliable research shows that "to classify is human." We all do it ..."

The key is to do it right, and London knows. Read her full essay here. Once you're done, check out these fantastic links from Rees Morrison, who proves that you're not alone in your struggle:

This is geeky stuff, but if your firm or legal department is large enough, you're already in the thick of it. Which means you need the right technical lead or chief information officer. This blog isn't about HR or recruiting, but I do recommend you check out Ron Friedmann's post "What's on a CIO's mind?" in which he links to a friend who has interviewed 15 chief information officers.

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