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Stanford Law Center plans forum on citizens, capitalism and doing biz w/China

Lauren Gelman, associate director of Stanford's Center for Internet and Privacy, writes that the center is considering a forum sparked by Yahoo's decision to hand over private e-mails to Chinese authorities in order to keep doing business in China (more detail here and here). Hat-tipping the Financial Times' story today on a letter that Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo sent Yahoo founder Jerry Yang criticizing Yahoo’s collaboration with the Chinese government, Gelman writes:

"I’ve worked with wonderful people at Yahoo to help protect anonymous posters on Yahoo message boards against frivolous suits meant to unmask their identity. How can it turn its head in the name of 'compliance with legal processes' when it comes to their Chinese users?

"Xiaobo wrote that Yahoo has enough market clout not to need to toady to authorities. Even if Yahoo chooses to dispute this (despite the billion dollar deal it just did with Chinese commerce website Alibaba), together, Yahoo and Cisco and Google and Microsoft certainly have enough market clout. Why can’t these companies get together and figure out how to use their combined power to assure that their technologies are not being used to deny their Chinese customers basic human rights?

"We’re trying to put together a forum at Stanford Law School to discuss this. Maybe get some feedback from the companies themselves." More here.

Who's in?

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