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The second "WithdrawHarriet" site has launched and there's not an exclamation point in sight ...

Hmmm. Looks like I may be right about "the 'W' in Miers' future." I see, thanks to Howard Bashman, that there are now at least two places online suggesting that White House Counsel Harriet Miers withdraw her nomination to the Supreme Court. And today's Web site makes the blog from last week look like child's play.

On Friday, I pointed to this blog, a negative, anonymous little column notable for its noir palette and Amityvillian tone: Get out, Harriet. However, today's entry -- -- is even more ominous for this administration's nomination. For starters, today's withdrawal site bears the patriotic red, white and blue palette required of any serious political campaign site. Even more ominously in Ms. Miers' case, this one is utterly free of the exclamation points that littered early spoof blogs about her nomination -- not to mention coverage.

But here's the clincher on how much trouble this nomination is in: While the blogs are anonymous, this site's conservative political operators broke ranks and launched their site with the fanfare of a press release, reports The press release points to a site where conservative backers "promise to track this," a growing list of organizations, individuals and media who have either directly called for the withdrawal of Harriet Miers' nomination or expressed deep concern over her nomination." Among those listed as "deeply concerned" are the following senators: Senator Rick Santorum, Sam Brownback, Trent Lott, George Allen, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Sessions, Tom Coburn, David Vitter and John Ensign. I count nine senators there. That's a magical number -- there are currently 55 Republicans in the Senate and 44 Democrats. All it takes is a simple majority to confirm -- or deny -- a candidate.

And there's one last little thing niggling at me about the site. The site's producers made sure Ms. Miers was not alone in the photograph they used--instead she's standing by her boss. Who is standing by her.

What does that mean? We'll have to wait to find out.

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